Grayhorse Bench Seating Specifications
May 15, 2013

Click here to view Standard Bench Size Diagram

The family bench seating has been established for the new dance arbor at Grayhorse.   A restructure of the initial draft seating/bench arrangement chart was completed at a meeting of the Bench Committee on May 7 and a corrected seating chart was completed after thorough considerations were made. Unfortunately, some rearrangement was necessary due to the complex nature of the new design and limited seating.  Difficult decisions were the task of the evening meeting and the Bench Committee wants to thank you for your understanding. 

A copy of the seating diagram will be posted at the Grayhorse Community Building and Chapel as well as the specifications for the maximum bench height, length and depth--depending on the row the bench is in.  The 5 Man Board, the Drumkeeper and his Committee are requesting families to check your bench to make sure it meets the specifications necessary for placement.  This is necessary to allow all benches proper placement under the new arbor.   No bench will be allowed to be put up on bricks or cement blocks, and the bench height will be enforced.   Members of the 5 Man Board, the Advisors and the Whipmen will also have copies of the seating diagram.

This first year will be one of placing the old benches into their newly assigned space, if they are within specifications, thus allowing new benches to be made if outside the specifications.   All benches need to have family name on them.  A date has not been set yet for putting the benches back under the arbor.  This will be done as soon as it is safe to do so.  The new arbor is scheduled to be completed by the June dances.