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The Osage Nation Roads Department has identified projects for construction. Those road and bridge projects are listed below:
  1. Prue Road (stimulus project - under Construction)
  2. Herard Bypass (COMPLETED)
  3. Okesa North & Bridge (COMPLETED)
  5. Dave Ware South (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
  6. Lynn Avenue Extension (Under Environmental Review)
  7. L.B. May bridge/overlay
  8. Big Snake Project (Ponca City - Million Dollar Elm Casino)
  9. Skiatook Headstart
  10. 36th Street North Phase II (Tulsa airpark)
  11. Chief Paul Pitts Road
  12. Candy Creek Road
  13. Sycamore Creek Road
Contact Jennifer Varao at 918.287.5533 or email jvarao@osagetribe.org for more information.
Map of the Osage Nation Road Projects (planned, constructed, and future)Osage Nation Roads Map