Letter from Summer Youth worker
July 13, 2010

 My name is Courtney Neff and I have had the pleasure of being the Prevention Program’s Summer Youth Worker. I worked for about six weeks with the wonderful Prevention staff and had a great time. I’m glad that I was chosen to work in this office because I feel like I have gained a lot of work experience from it. During my employment I assisted Daisy Spicer in teaching our Too Good for Drugs curriculum at the Boys and Girls Clubs in Pawhuska, Hominy, and Fairfax. Since I already am a counselor at my school for this curriculum I am glad I got to branch out and help teach other kids life skills such as resisting peer pressure and setting goals. Also while working here I got to take two trips to Oklahoma City for meetings with other drug prevention groups. It was really cool to see how all the results from school surveys is used and I learned a lot. I had a great experience working with the Prevention team; I just hope to work here again next summer.