Prevention Programs 1st Annual Pill Dump Day
September 24, 2009


Osage Nation Prevention Program

1st Annual Pill Dump Day

A Huge Success!!!!


Prevention set up at 8 different sites and when all was totaled had accumulated 99 bottles of liquid meds and a total of 536 prescriptions equaling 22,754.5 pills!

We are so proud that these events went over so well and that a total of 89 people brought their unwanted meds to us to be destroyed properly.


Our deepest gratitude goes to all of the people who volunteered their time to help out with this project, Marie Rumsey, Tammy Delaney, Osage Nation Diabetes, Crystal McKinley and Jamie Jones, Osage Nation CHR/Injury Prevention Program, Eli Vang, Mike Anderson, Chris Rumsey, Mike Fish, Steve Denton, Ryan Carter, Osage Nation PD,   
Mike Stasyszen and Isaac Purvis, Osage County PD
Rebecca Fish Osage Nation Social Services


We where asked by several individuals when they could bring us more unwanted meds and we hope to do this again in the spring of 2010