Technology 101
June 08, 2009

Most teens these days don't even know a life without cell phones, blog sites or text messaging. With the evolution of this technology comes a whole new way of communicating. Teens use acronyms and symbols to communicate an entire conversation. Do you know what they are saying? Here is a quick list to help you decipher what your teens are saying online and in text messages.
PIR - Parents in room
PAL - Parents are listening
KPC - Keeping parents clueless
ASL - Age/Sex/Location
LMIRL - Let's meet in real life
WUF - Where are you from
:*( - Crying
%\ - Hangover
%*} - Drunk
These acronyms and symbols change frequently. Staying connected to your teen's lingo is an important communication skill that should not be overlooked. It lets your kids know that you are involved in their life's and that you do care about what they are doing!
This information was obtained from the Mendez Foundation