ENR Department Announces Release of Online Database Mapping Website
August 30, 2012

New internet site lets you map the Osage Nation like never before.

The Osage Nation Environmental and Natural Resources Department is pleased to announce the release of our Online Database Mapping Website. The website is the result of several years of labor by ENR staff and collaboration with Coordinate Solutions.

We would like to thank the Executive office of Chief Red Eagle for fostering the advancement of this technology and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Osage Agency for helping to fund its development. The ENR department also appreciates the Minerals Council’s encouragement and promotion of the site as an enhancement to our resources.

The website provides spatial data on underground injection wells and production wells as well as their construction, location and identification details. The website also allows the viewer to select environmental data, aerial imagery, topographic maps and township section and range layers. Users of the site will enjoy an advanced search tool to allow quarter section specific searches.

We are providing this convenience to oil and gas operators on the Osage Reservation while providing relevant environmental data and mapping tools for land owners and citizens.

Click on the website address link:


It’s easy to use:

Select the “Visible” box on the right to see your selection on the map screen and Active” to identify features. Identify features with the lower case “i” identify tool in the tool bar. + and – zoom your view. Additional tools include a buffer tool, select by rectangle area, and latitude/longitude point locating. For more detailed instruction, click on the Help tab. It will become simple to use after just a few minutes.

Have fun and
thank you for using the site. Contact Darin J. West at 918-287-5412 dwest@osagetribe.org if you have questions about how Osage ENR can help you.