Environmental Education Presentation to 1st Grade Students
May 19, 2011

On Wednesday, May 18, 2011, Osage Nation Natural Resource Specialists, Jann Rose and Brad Stumph, made an environmental education presentation on native freshwater mussels in our local community to two 1st grade classrooms at Marrs Elementary School in Skiatook, Oklahoma.  Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Goodwin’s students were very attentive and had an interest in what Jann and Brad were teaching them.  The experience wasn’t just a presentation, but an interactive learning experience with activities including an identification quiz, slideshow, color sheet, and a mussel tracing exercise.  The presentation also provided an important connection between basic principles and real world experiences through such things as symmetry, the importance of aquatic organisms, and the effects of pollution in the Osage Reservation waterways.

The Natural Resource Specialists firmly believe that the future of the Osage Reservation rests in the hands of these young students.  Mrs. Hall stated, “Being the first presentation by the Osage Nation Environmental Natural Resource Department, I am very excited for the opportunity to work alongside them to help educate Osage students.”  It is imperative to teach children of all ages how to preserve and protect the unique resources found on the Osage Reservation.  

The presentation finished with Mrs. Hall asking the students if there were any questions or compliments to give to the Natural Resource Specialists.  One student said, “Thank you for teaching us about mussels today,” while another student said, “You guys have cool jobs!”  The presentation was a success and each student was given a certificate naming them an “Official Mussel Identifier.”  If you would like to see an environmental education presentation at your school, please contact Jann Rose at (918) 287-5531, jrose@osagetribe.org, or Brad Stumph at (918) 287-5384, bstumph@osagetribe.org.