Wildlife Photo Contest Winner
March 15, 2011

The Environmental and Natural Resources Department is pleased to announce the winner of the 1st Annual Wildlife Photo Contest is Kristian Garrett.  The contest began on Sovereignty Day last year and ran through December 2010.  Kristian submitted her photo in December. She took it on Christmas day while driving on highway 11 when she encountered a beautiful example of a mature male bald eagle sitting calmly in a field.  The background of woods in dark grays and mottled brown was great for bringing out the brightness of the bird’s yellow beak and eye features and his white head feathers.  The deep brown body and highlighted edges of its back and flight feathers contrast great against the grass in mid-winter.  We thank Kristian for submitting her photo of this beautiful Native icon.  As a prize for winning the contest, her photo was enlarged and framed.   We are grateful to Chief Red Eagle for providing a place to see the picture.  It can be viewed in the Executive offices/Federal Programs building on the main floor across from the staircase for a one year period until next year’s winner is acknowledged.    Congratulations Kristian.


For information about the contest contact Darin J. West at 287-5412 or Jann Rose at 287-5531.  We will also be posting the rules again this year online.