ENR Geographic Information System (GIS)
November 12, 2008

 The Osage Nation Environmental and Natural Resources GIS/GPS service would like to invite and remind Osage Nation staff and members that Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System technology services are available by request at anytime. This technology is most useful for mapping client services, routes and property, distribution of services. If your program, Tribal business or interest would benefit by knowing the distribution of your customers or clients and how your employees are serving Osage members in relation to the reservation, this technology can work to your advantage. We also continue to provide cataloguing of environmental impacts and collect location data of our natural resources and infrastructure. We are also pleased to announce the recent acquisition of all county property ownership data including parcels, blocks, developments and platted property lines. 

 This property layer can be used to show an individual lot or trust or show thousands of acres at a time. We can also create aerial photos of your property.

 Recent uses include property delineation for a right-of-way acquisition. Fiber optic, phone and gas line mapping for IT and topography and tower infrastructure mapping for wireless communication development. Mapping of archeological sites and much more.

If you would like assist assessing this technology to meet your needs, please call Darin J. West, 918-287-5412.