The museum began this ambitious collection in 1999.  These photograph copies are from the museum collection, the Frances Holding Collection, and individual photographs brought in by family members.  The goal is to have a photograph of each of the 2,229 original allottees and have it safely stored, and yet, accessible to the Osage people.  At this time, we've reached 66% of our goal (750 allottee photos are still needed to complete the set).  The museum staff is always actively seeking images that are not yet in their collection.  A couple of ways this will be done is to advertise and visit institutions and individuals with Osage photos.  
The museum staff has continued to make copies of photographs for family members, which is a time-consuming process, and there is a small fee for this service.  There will be a list of everyone in the collection so that it is easy for family members to see if there are photos available of their ancestors.
The 2006 Osage Constitution

The museum proudly keeps our Constitution in the center display room.  For those of Osage descent, who did not get to sign their name back on May 6, 2006, and wish to sign it while you're here, please ask any of the museum staff, and they will gladly oblige.
Original Paintings
This, truly, is one of our most unique features of the museum, and that is the high quality of the oil paintings that are housed in this hallowed place.  Some paintings are for sale, so we want you to come visit us to check them out closely and enjoy them.  Many are of the past Osage leaders and of well-known members of the Osage Nation.  Just some of the artists works featured for sale are by R. A. Red Corn, Gina Gray, Joe Don Brave and this one on the left by Yakita Fields, for whom we are truly grateful to share their gifts and talents with the world.