Special Election Amendment Facts
May 16, 2012


To be voted on August 13, 2012


•They were developed by a majority of the Minerals Council working in conjunction with members of Congress with the goal of achieving maximum Minerals Council autonomy while maintaining tribal sovereignty protections for the Mineral Estate.

•Our Minerals Council attorney, as well as every attorney that interviewed for his position, advised us that this internal political approach to solving problems with the Osage Constitution was by far preferable to dangerous and costly attempts at legal solutions through the courts. He also was involved in developing the wording and concepts of the proposed amendments, and gave his approval to the final passed versions of each.

•They will clarify to the BIA/DOI and all others that the Osage Minerals Council is the elected body of the Osage people with the sole authority to develop and administer the Osage Mineral Estate. They will also vest the Council with the autonomy necessary to properly and efficiently conduct these duties.

•They will also ban the Osage Congress from taxing any portion of the Mineral Estate production and transportation process or royalty income.

•They were passed with no dissenting votes by the Osage Congress.

ONCR-11-12, passed by Osage Congress October 6, 2011

•Removes the Osage Minerals council from being under the authority and direction of the Executive Branch.

ONCR-11-13, passed by Osage Congress October 6, 2011

•Constitutionally establishes the right of the Minerals Council to conduct their own elections, thus removing the current constitutional necessity for the Osage Congress to pass election codes pertaining to Minerals Council elections.

ONCR-11-14, passed by Osage Congress October 6, 2011

•Establishes the make-up of the Minerals Council and vests them with the sole authority to lease and develop the Mineral Estate and to administer the duties previously granted to all the Officers of the Tribe by the 1906 act as amended.

ONCR-10-19, passed by Osage Congress April 6, 2011
•Constitutionally bans the Osage Congress from passing any laws that would tax royalty income from the Osage Mineral Estate, or that would appropriate Mineral Estate funds. This proposed amendment also bans any taxes on production and transportation of minerals.

Important Dates



JULY 24 – Deadline To submit Absentee Ballot Request forms to the Election Office


AUGUST 13 – Election Day



**If you requested an absentee ballot for the June vote you will automatically be sent one for the Special Election. **

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