New Format for Osage Minerals Council Meetings
April 15, 2011

The Osage Minerals Council announces the April 2011 meetings will reflect changes in the order items on the agenda are heard.  The new format places items concerning production and BIA directly after the Roll Call.  Open session presentations regarding leasee's and/or producers or shareholder issues concerning them will occur during this time period.  When 'Executive Session' for proprietary issues is necessary it will also be held in this first half of the meeting.  This change should allow our producers to leave prior to the 'Housekeeping' section of our meetings.
Following the Executive session a short break will take place to accommodate time for transitioning to open session and for the return of interested constituents.  First up on the second half will be Old/New business followed by Roundtable Committee Reports.  As you will see on the Agenda for April 15, 2011, which is considered "The Committee Meeting", the reports from the Auditor and Accountants will now fall under the 'Budget Committee'.  Each chairman will report on issues, propose resolutions or address concerns as this roundtable progresses.  As is the custom voting on issues will take place at the Wednesday meeting, (this month it falls on April 20th).
As always, your Council is available to discuss issues which are concerning to you.  You may reach them at the number/email adddress posted in the Minerals section of this website.  When addressing the full council with comments during open session; please be respectful, but to the point in consideration of others who also would like to be heard.
The council hope this new format will smooth the meeting process.  Thank you for your patience in this transistion, we look forward to seeing you at the meetings.  Miya McKim, Secretary to the Council