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2nd Osage Minerals Council
Res. 2-149 01/11/2013 - Resolution to pay Ciaradon Carpenter from C-395 funds.
Res. 2-150 1/16/2013 - Resolution to increase CEP royalty to 20%.
Res. 2-151 01/16/2013 - Resolution to approve Flower Fund policy
Res. 2-152 01/16/2013 - Resolution to approve Office Staff policy.
Res. 2-153 01/16/2013 - Resolution to support Melissa Currey.
Res. 2-154 01/16/2013-Resolution to approve Spyglass Concession completion
Res. 2-155 3/20/2013-Resolution to extend NRM process
Res. 2-156 3/20/2013- Resoultion to utilize the eight, 160 acre leases into two 640 units
Res. 2-157 2/20/2013- Resolution to eliminate the OMC Technician position within 30 days of February 20, 2013.
Res. 2-158 2/20/2013- Resolution to approve Dena Rackliff to be paid from the C-395 account starting February 25, 2013
Res. 2-159 3/20/2013- Resolution to terminate Akin & Gump and the contract of Dan Reineke effective March 20, 2013
Res. 2-160 3/20/2013- Resolution to accept Encana's offer negotiation for a 10 lease concession at 125/acre totaling $200,000
Res. 2-161 3/20/2013- Resolution to accept Steve Tyler's offer to combine oil and gas for the minimum price of $3900
Res. 2-162 3/20/2013- Resolution to accept Bruce and Debra Krebb's offer for combination of oil and gas on lease NW 1/4 27-27-10 for $15,000
Res. 2-163 3/20/2013- Resolution to accept John E. Sanderson's offer for 5 oil and gas leases less coal bed methane with a 1/5 royalty rate and a 2 year primary term.
Res. 2-164 4/17/2013-Resoultion to request for attorney to give a legal opinion on qualifications to run for office for the OMC.
Res. 2-165 4/17/2013- Resolution to attend the water conference and have all usual travel expenses paid.
Res. 2-166 4/17/2013- Resolution OMC in favor of all changes made in the NRM process voted on April 2, 2013.
Res. 2-167 4/17/2013- Resolution to request that general staff attorney David McCulough review proposed changes to CFRs and advise OMC on how to appeal.
Res. 2-168 4/17/2013- Resolution to attend Midwest Continent meeting at Hard Rock Casino with mileage reimbursement for committee members only. 
Res. 2-169 4/17/2013- Resolution to grant a 6 month term to Black Lava Resources LLC leases.
Res. 2-170 4/17/2013- Resolution to allow NE/4 Section 8-25N-9E to SE/4 Section 15-25N-9E in their original concession and will pay a lease bonus of $125 per acre.
Res. 2-171 4/17/2013--Resolution to grant a new primary lease to Black Lava Resources LLC for six months.
Res. 2-172 2/15/2012--Resolution to develop a Merit System for OMC staff.