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Debbie MilesAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5514f: 918-287-5468
Jeff S. JonesAttorney Generalemail
p: 918-287-5659f: 918-287-5468
Brian K HerbertInvestigatoremail
p: 918-287-5259f: 918-287-5468
Clinton N. PattersonAsst. Attorney Generalemail
p: 918-287-5621f: 918-287-5468
Morgan CurreyParalegalemail
p: 918-287-5630f: 918-287-5468
Faith AllisonCPOemail
p: (918)287-5472f:
Gina BlankinshipAssistant Area Coordinatoremail
p: (918) 287-5486f:
Alice CottonPawhuska Coordinatoremail
p: (918)287-9712f:
Maria DeRoinFairfax Coordinatoremail
p: (918)287-5605f:
Herman SleeperHominy Coordinatoremail
p: 918-885-1217f: 918-885-1218
Celena WhiteCDIB Techemail
p: 918-287-5389f: 918-287-5502
JR RickettsDirector of CDIB/ Membershipemail
p: 918-287-5391f: 918-287-5502
Asa CunninghamAssistant Director CDIB/Membership Deptemail
p: 918-287-5390f: 918-287-5502
Main Numberemail
p: 1-800-818-6517f: 1-918-287-5502
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: 918-287-5631f: 918-287-5562
Jane PerrierMembership Techemail
p: 918-287-5378f: 918-287-5502
p: f:
Russell MashunkasheyDirectoremail
p: 918.287.5379f: 918.287.5220
Katie SwanPublic Liason/Lead Educatoremail
p: 918.287.5377f: 918.287.5220
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: 918.287.5631f: 918.287.5562
Main NumberChild Support Servicesemail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Julie StandingBearDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Dana CassFinance Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Dana TestermanLegal Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Delana TaylorCase Manageremail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Dana DaylightCase Initiation & Paternityemail
p: 918-287-5458 / 877-287-5458f: 918-287-5577
Crystal HoltCHR Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5370f: 918-287-5566
David MurrayCHRemail
p: 918-287-5375f:
Donnis CannonCHRemail
p: 918-287-5372f:
LaRae WalkerCHRemail
p: 918-287-5374f:
Lennet DrummondAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5270f: 918-287-5566
Marie Rumsey, R.N., DirectorClinical-Medical Service Programsemail
p: (918) 287-5525f: (918) 287-5536
Kellie WaddleAdministrative Assistantemail
p: (918) 287-5525f: (918) 287-5536
Brenna Jones, R.N., BSNPublic Health Nurse/Diabetes Educatoremail
p: (918) 287-5482f: (918) 287-5536
Jesi Yates Holt, R.N.Diabetes/Community Health Case Manageremail
p: (918) 287-5527f: (918) 287-5536
Julie MillerNutritionistemail
p: (918) 287-5526f: (918) 287-5536
Jami Jones, L.P.N.Health Education Coordinatoremail
p: (918) 287-5485f: (918) 287-5536
Crystal Mckinley, L.P.N.CHR Manager/Public Health Educatoremail
p: (918) 287-5370f: (918) 287-5566
Dawn HaneyWebsite Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.5667f: 918.287.5563
Gail BoeDirectoremail
p: (918)287-5367 or cell 918-440-7820f: (918)287-5269
Mary BighorseM-POWER Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.5267f: 918.287.5269
Katelyn RuloTA-WA AmeriCorps Project Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.9724f: 918.287.5269
Sallie WilliamsM-Power Project Specialistemail
p: 918.287.5267f: 918.287.5269
Geneva HamiltonCX Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.5267f: 918.287.5269
Electa Hare-RedCornCessation Specialist/Community Liaisionemail
p: 918.287.5257f: 918.287.5269
Nathaniel DeRoinAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5267f: 918-287-5269
W. Jacque JonesDirectoremail
p: (918)287-5662f: (918)287-5221 or (918)699-5221
Kendra JonesAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5662f: (918)287-5221 or (918)699-5221
Rachel PeeryClerical/Receptionistemail
p: 918-287-5679f: 918-287-5221 or 918-699-5221
ExecutiveOffice of the Principal Chief(s)email
p: 800-320-8742f:
p: 918.287.5426f: 918.287.1096
LaVina ClarkDomestic Violence Administratoremail
p: 918.287.5425f: 918.287.1096
Donna JohnsonOffice Manageremail
p: 918-287-5252f: 918-287-1096
Brightpath ReynoldsLegal Advocateemail
p: 918-287-5422f: 918-287-1096
Kris KoenigClincial Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-9731f: 918-287-1096
Vann BighorseDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5537f: 918-287-5569
Cherokee CheshewallaExecutive Administrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5538f: 918-287-5569
J. Addie ThomasCultural Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5539f: 918-287-5569
Harrison HudginsResearch and Development, Web Techemail
p: 918-287-5632f: 918-287-5569
Nevada "Bunnie" SullinsAdministrative NAGPRA Assistant and Cultural Center Scheduleremail
p: 918-287-9719f: 918-287-5569
Rebecca BraveNAGPRA and Graves Protection Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5522f: 918-287-5569
Kathleen AuschwitzLibrarianemail
p: f: 918-287-5569
Tribal Worksemail
p: 918-287-9723f: 918-287-5670
Daniel St. JohnDirector, Tribal Worksemail
p: 918-287-5685f: 918-287-5670
Osage Nation Department of EducationMain Numberemail
p: 918-287-5300f: 918-885-2136 or 918-287-5567
Jennifer Holding, BAContinuing Education Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5301f: 918-885-2136
Louise Cheshewalla, BATraining Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5303f: 918-885-2136
Avis Ballard, MSJohnson O'Malley (JOM) Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5545f: 918-885-2136
Cherise Lookout, ASOutreach Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5544f: 918-885-2136
Mary St. JohnScholarship Intake Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5304f: 918-885-2136
Ida C. Doyle, MSDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5302f: 918-885-2136
Farrah Boyd, BAContinuing Education Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5300f: 918-885-2136
Courtney DaileyScholarship Intake Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5300f: 918-885-2136
Lita Kelley, MSOsage Nation Public School Support Program - Field Facilitatoremail
p: 918-287-5300f: 918-885-2136
Laura Glentzer, BSField Facilitatoremail
p: 918-381-0784f: 918-885-2136
Lindsay Bruno, BAField Facilitatoremail
p: 918-237-8605f: 918-885-2136
Mary Wildcat, BSField Facilitatoremail
p: 918-237-8604f: 918-885-2136
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: 918-287-5631f: 918-287-5562
Election OfficeToll Free: (877) 560-5286email
p: (918) 287-5286f: (918) 287-5292
Walter Hopper, Jr.Chairpersonemail
p: f:
Shannon LockettVice Chairpersonemail
p: f:
Terry HazenSecretaryemail
p: f:
Alexis RencountreElection Supervisoremail
p: (918) 287-5289f: ElectionBoard
Bobby TallchiefEmergency Managment Directoremail
p: 918.636.4578 / 918.287.5225f: 918-287-5232
Gabriele TurleyAdministrative Assitantemail
p: 918-287-9707f:
Ross WalkerFire Prevention Technicianemail
p: f: 918-287-5232
James BlackEngine Bossemail
p: f: 918-287-5232
Brad HaymanFirefighter/Engine Bossemail
p: f: 918-287-5232
Chief John Red EaglePrincipal Chief of the Osageemail
p: 918-287-5555f: 918-287-5562
Asst. Chief Scott BighorseAssistant Principal Chiefemail
p: 918-287-5555f: 918-287-5562
Debbie AtterberrySr. Executive Advisoremail
p: 918-287-5434f: 918-287-5562
Deidre BigheartDirector of Operationsemail
p: 918-287-5552f: 918-287-5562
Raymond Lasley IIExecutive Advisor of Programsemail
p: 918-287-5634f: 918-287-5562
Kristen PrattExecutive Staff Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5594f: 918-287-5562
Carrie RogersExecutive Administrator/Finance Officeremail
p: 918-287-5480f: 918-287-5562
Linda TeemanSpecial Assistant to the Principal Chiefemail
p: 918-287-5653f: 918-287-5562
Everett WallerMinerals Liaison/Cultural Advisoremail
p: 918-287-5555f: 918-287-5562
Ashlee MortonLegislative and Legal Analystemail
p: 918.287.5660f: 918.287.5562
Roseanne SuttonPolicy Analyst/Legislative Writeremail
p: 918-287-9714f: 918-287-5562
Kenny Bighorse, JRFitness Center Coordinatoremail
p: (918) 287-1097f: (918)-287-1083
John LelandCertified Personal Traineremail
p: (918) 287-1097f:
Nate WestCertified Personal Traineremail
p: (918) 287-1097f:
Chris HarrisFitness Instructoremail
p: (918)-287-1097f:
Jesse BadleyCertified Personal Traineremail
p: f:
John EnloeAssistant Personal Traineremail
p: (918)-287-5281f:
Bryce KrusheAssistant Personal Traineremail
p: (918)-287-1097f:
Main Numberemail
p: 918-287-1097f:
Fi DavisProgram Directoremail
p: 918-287-5429f: 918-287-5579
Katy TingtellaCert.Spec./Office Manageremail
p: 918-287-5428f: 918-287-5579
Stacey PiearcyCertification Specialistemail
p: 918 287-5430f: 918 287-5579
Peggy OysterWarehouse Workeremail
p: 918 287-5431f: 918 287-5579
Brady ReedWarehouse Workeremail
p: 918-287-5431f: 918-287-5579
Timmy PledgerWarehouse Workeremail
p: 918-287-5431f: 918-287-5579
Danielle BrashearExecutive Directoremail
p: (918) 287-5554f: (918) 287-3803
Lacie WynnBackground Investigation Manageremail
p: (918) 287-5589f:
Connie HughsProcessing and Eligibility Manageremail
p: (918) 287-5682f:
Phyllis E JanssenAdministrative Assistantemail
p: (918) 287-5320f: (918) 287-3803
Elizabeth HembreeCompliance Auditing Manageremail
p: 918-287-5529f: 918-287-3803
Konyak LindeRegulatory Complianceemail
p: 918-287-5497f: 918-287-3803
Annette WebbONGE Board Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5558f: 918-287-5573
Stacy LaskyChairemail
p: f:
Aaron BighorseBoard Memberemail
p: f:
Candy ThomasSecretary / Treasureremail
p: f:
Ralph Haymond, JrBoard Memberemail
p: f:
Randy CarnettVice Chairemail
p: f:
Denise KeeneDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5462f: 918-287-3416
Samantha MillerAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5460f: 918-287-3416
Terri BuffaloheadFSC/Site Manager - Skiatookemail
p: 918-287-5471f: 918-699-5663
Carol KliesenCompliance - Cultural Educatoremail
p: 918-642-3618f: 918-642-3245
Sheaila DilbeckFSC/Site Manager -Fairfaxemail
p: 918-287-5601 or 918-642-5505f: 918-287-5604
Sandra LattyFSC/Site Manager-Barnsdall/Hominyemail
p: 918-699-5561f: 918-847-3663
Candi CarrData Intake/Prog. Oper. Asst.email
p: 918-287-5461f: 918-287-3416
Jamie MilesFSA/Education Assistant - Pawhuskaemail
p: 918-287-5674f: 918-287-3416
Victoria LooneyFSC/Site Manager - McCord/Shidleremail
p: 580-762-0412f: 580-762-0783
Lawana LyonsFSA/Education Assistant - Mc/Shemail
p: 580-762-0412f: 580-762-0783
Tammy CunninghamFSC/Site Manager - Pawhuskaemail
p: 287-5464f: 287-3416
Misty SmithFSA\Education Assistant Barnsdall & Hominyemail
p: 918-287-5648f: 918-847-3663
Debbie LooneyFSA/Education Assistant - Fairfaxemail
p: 918-287-5603f: 918-287-5604
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: 918-287-5631f: 918-287-5562
Stacey HarrisStaff Education Traineremail
p: 918-2875345f: 918-287-3416
Dr. Andrea A. HunterTHPO/Director of Historic Preservationemail
p: 918-287-5328f: 918-287-5376
James MunkresArchaeologist Iemail
p: 918-287-5226f: 918-287-5376
Welana FieldsTribal Research Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5307f: 918-287-5376
Dr. Barker FarissArchaeologist Iemail
p: 918-287-5274f: 918-287-5376
VacantGIS/Computer Technicianemail
p: 918-287-5520f: 918-287-5376
Taryn CrawfordAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5328f: 918-287-5376
Joe TillmanCultural Division Leaderemail
p: 918-287-5631f: 918-2875562
For all geneological inquiries contactWah-zha-zhi Cultural Centeremail
p: 918-287-5537f:
Main Numberemail
p: 918-287-5645f: 918-287-9909
Cherie Leach, RNAdministratoremail
p: 918-287-2013f: 918-287-9909
Brenda BrungerOffice Manageremail
p: 918-287-2010f: 918-287-9909
Beth Dahl, RNClinic Supervisoremail
p: 918-287-2004f: 918-287-9909
Annie Howell, LPNQA Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-2003f: 918-287-9909
Debbie Fry, HHAOffice Clerkemail
p: 918-287-2006f: 918-287-9909
Andrea M. KembleDirectoremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
R. Joe FreemanCompliance Officeremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Jason McBrideHomebuyer Manager / Compliance Asstemail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Kenny WhineryConstruction Manageremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Linda ArnoldIntake Specialist IIemail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Amy DobbinsIntake Specialist Iemail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Lance ToineetaHousing Inspectoremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Billy RobertsonHousing Inspectoremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Amos DaileyHousing Inspectoremail
p: 918.287.5568 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Bates ShawRental Maint. Supervisoremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Anthony CassRental Maint. Workeremail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Kiersten DaileyAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918.287.5310 or 800.490.8771f: 918.287.5568
Delary WaltersHuman Resources Directoremail
p: 918-287-5642f: 918-287-5563
Clint HillBenefits Analystemail
p: 918-287-5235f: 918-287-5563
Theresa DawahoyaHuman Resources Representativeemail
p: 918-287-5323f: 918-287-5563
Tara PriceAdministrative Services Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.9702f: 918.287.5563
Jana ScimecaCompensation Analystemail
p: 918.287.5609f: 918.287.5563
Anna TrumblyHuman Resources Clerkemail
p: (918) 287-5445f: (918) 287-5563
Jeanna Red EagleCourt Administrator/Clerk of the Supreme Courtemail
p: 918-287-5401f: 918-287-5574
Kimberly BundeClerk of the Trial Courtemail
p: 918-287-5636f: 918-287-5574
Herman M. LookoutDirectoremail
p: (918) 287-5505f: (918) 287-5535
Cameron PrattDatabase Specialist / Teacheremail
p: (918) 287-5588f: (918) 287-5535
Donna Barroneemail
p: (918)287.5683f: (918) 642.3210
Tracey MooreAdministrative Assistant / Teacheremail
p: (918) 287-5611f: (918) 642-3210
Pawhuska Language Center222 West Main, Pawhuska, OK 74056email
p: 918-287-5505f: 918-287-5535
Fairfax Language Center260 N. 2nd Street, Fairfax, OK 74637email
p: 918-287-5610f: 918-642-3210
Sydna Yellowfish - Edmond Language Site215 North Blvd., Edmond, OK 74056email
p: 405-715-6106f:
Danielle WoodAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5505f: 918-287-5535
Scott LohahDatabase Technician/Teacheremail
p: 918-287-5585f: 918-287-5535
Rich PawpaCurriculum Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5532f:
Janis CarpenterTeacheremail
p: 918-287-5547f:
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: (918)287-5631f: (918)287-5562
Chief Nicholas WilliamsChief of Policeemail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Lt. Marchmont BigEagleLieutenantemail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Sgt. John DrexilPatrolmanemail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Sgt. Dan HivelySeargentemail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Sergeant Michael FishSergeantemail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Corporal Jake WebbPolice Officeremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Brian Herbert (AG Office)SORNA Officeremail
p: (918)287-5259f:
Officer Mike AndersonInvestigatoremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Mason GoodeK-9 Officeremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Corporal Jeremy WardPolice Officeremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Patrick Luey Jr.Police Officeremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Kent CallicoatInvestigatoremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Derek ShawPolice Officeremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Ms. Miya McKimSecretary/Office Manageremail
p: (918)287-5510f: (918)287-5524
Officer Mike KennedyPolice Officeremail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Corporal Nicholas SilvaPolice Officeremail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Officer Terriann SilvaSergeantemail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Officer Rhoda HollemanPolice Officeremail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Officer Kyle StreetsPolice Officeremail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Officer William MitchellPolice Officeremail
p: 918-287-5510f: 918-287-5524
Joseph B. (Sonny) Abbott, Jr.Councilmanemail
p: 918-381-9583f: 918-287-5693
Curtis O. BearCouncilmanemail
p: 918-766-1736f: 918-287-5693
Cynthia J. BooneCouncilwomanemail
p: 918-698-3314f: 918-287-5693
Melvin CoreCouncilmanemail
p: 918-331-7511f: 918-287-5693
Galen CrumChairmanemail
p: 918-504-3275f: 918-287-5693
Myron F. RedEagleCouncilmanemail
p: 918-625-5386f: 918-287-5693
Dudley P. WhitehornCouncilmanemail
p: 918-695-4034f: 918-287-5693
Andrew YatesCouncilmanemail
p: 918-504-1240f: 918-287-5693
Everett WallerMinerals Liaisonemail
p: 918-277-9730f: 918-287-5562
Ciaradon CarpenterSecretary/Trust Clerkemail
p: 918-287-5433f: 918-287-5693
Dena Cosby-RackliffSecretary/Trust Clerk Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5447f: 918-287-5693
Frankee CunninghamReceptionistemail
p: 918-287-5346f: 918-287-5693
Jim SwanOsage Minerals Auditoremail
p: 918-287-5324f: 918-287-5693
Superintendent's Officeemail
p: 918-287-5700f: 918-287-5780
Kathryn Red CornDirectoremail
p: 918.287.5441f: 918.287.5227
Pauline AllredResearcheremail
p: 918.287.5478f: 918.287.5227
James ElsberryVideographer & Library/Photo Archives Asstemail
p: 918.287.5440f: 918.287.5227
Joe Don BraveExecutive Secretaryemail
p: 918.287.5441f: 918.287.5227
Lou BrockSenior Researcheremail
p: 918.287.5202f: 918.287.5227
Joe TillmanDivision Leaderemail
p: 918.287.5631f: 918.287.5562
Osage Nation ENR DepartmentMain Numberemail
p: 918-287-5333f: 918-287-5581
ENR Water LaboratoryLab Numberemail
p: 918-287-5308f: 918-287-5581
Ray RussellProject Specialist IIemail
p: 918-287-5407f: 918-287-5581
Darin WestProject Specialist IIemail
p: 918-287-5412f: 918-287-5581
Beverly LacroneField Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5405f: 918-287-5581
Andrew YatesField Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5411f: 918-287-5581
Jann JonesDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5531f: 918-287-5581
Larry StephensField Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5410f: 918-287-5581
Christina MashunkasheyUIC Program Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5403f: 918-287-5581
Kara YarboroughProgram Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5402f: 918-287-5581
Matthew AllenEnvironmental Project Specialist IIemail
p: 918-287-5406f: 918-287-5581
Craig WalkerNatural Resource Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5384f: 918-287-5581
p: f:
Jennifer TigerDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5549f: 918-287-5564
Denise Keatigh-SellersSr. Grants Management Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5596f: 918-287-5564
Otto HamiltonGrants Management Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5584f: 918-287-5564
Chris L. StandingbearPlanneremail
p: 918-287-5633f: 918-287-5564
Penny BradfordCompliance Officeremail
p: 918-287-5643f: 918-287-5564
Lynette Satepauhoodle-MilesAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5383f: 918-287-5564
Raymond Red Corn, SpeakerSpeakeremail
p: 918-287-5620 cell 918-287-7400f: 918-287-5571
John Free, 2nd Speaker2nd Speakeremail
p: 918-287-5211 cell: 918-639-6115f: 918-287-5571
Daniel Boone, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5691; cell 98-698-6489f: 918-287-5571
Alice Buffalohead, MemberCongresswomanemail
p: 918-287-5541 cell: 918-688-7068f: 918-287-5571
Shannon Edwards, MemberCongresswomanemail
p: 918-287-5627 cell: 405-850-6377f: 918-287-5571
John Jech, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5542; other 918-287-1494f: 918-287-5571
John Maker, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5690 cell: 918-740-5484f: 918-287-5571
Archie Mason, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5622 cell: 918-810-4291f: 918-287-5571
Geoffrey Standing Bear, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5210 cell: 918-728-1824f: 918-287-5571
William "Kugee" Supernaw, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5687 cell: 918-724-1002f: 918-287-5571
R. J. Walker, MemberCongressmanemail
p: 918-287-5628 cell: 918-605-1921f: 918-287-5571
Maria Whitehorn, MemberCongresswomanemail
p: 918-287-5207 cell: 918-760-0806f: 918-287-5571
Legislative Staffemail
p: f:
Trey Gill, Legislative StaffLegal Counselemail
p: 918-287-5647f: 918-287-5571
Barbara Rice, Legislative StaffClerk of Congressemail
p: 918-287-5689f: 918-287-1039
Shana Walker, Legislative StaffAssistant Clerk of Congressemail
p: 918-287-5559f: 918-287-5571
Jason Zaun, Legislative StaffBudget Analystemail
p: 918-287-5638f: 918-287-5571
Jacquelin Boulanger, Legislative StaffAdministrative Services Supportemail
p: 918-287-5543f: 918-287-5571
Patrick Lewis, Legislative StaffSergeant at Armsemail
p: 918-287-5543f: 918-287-5571
OFPR Staffemail
p: f:
Kelly Corbin, OFPR StaffSenior Auditoremail
p: 918-287-5355 cell: 918-504-223006f: 918-287-1039
Kelly Young, OFPR StaffStaff Auditoremail
p: 918-287-5236f: 918-287-1039
Elaine Hight, OFPR StaffStaff Auditoremail
p: 918-287-5238f: 918-287-1039
Donna Buchanan, OFPR StaffAdminstrative Assistant/Audit Technicianemail
p: 918-287-5299f: 918-287-1039
Peaches HailPrevention Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5519f: (918) 287-5586
Dana YoungData Research Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5517f: 918-287-5586
Daisy SpicerProject Coordinatoremail
p: 918-287-5518f: 918-287-5586
PreventionMain Numberemail
p: (918) 287-5595f: (918) 287-5586
Anthony ShackelfordDirectoremail
p: (918)287-5692f: (918)287-5586
Sammy LookoutIntake Coordinatoremail
p: 918.287.5417f: 918.287.3721
Louis GrayPRT Coordinator/Counseloremail
p: 918.287.5415f: 918.287.3721
Steve HawthorneCounseloremail
p: 918.287.5420f: 918.287.3721
John "Popper" HollowayCook/Monitoremail
p: 918.287.5419f: 918.287.3721
p: 918.287.5419f: 918.287.3721
Lee CollinsDirectoremail
p: (918)287-5336f: (918)287-5231
Ann DavisSocial Work Supervisoremail
p: (918) 287-5218f: (918) 287-5231
Shawna WareAdult Social Services Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5340f: (918) 287-5231
Maggie BoltAdult Social Services Specialistemail
p: (918)287-5247f: (918) 287-5231
Leah BighorseIntake Specialist / Child Protection Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5341f: (918) 287-5231
Mitzi CunninghamBusiness Systems Analystemail
p: (918)277-5735f: (918) 287-5231
Jenny Rush-BuffaloheadFoster Care / Family Preservation Advocateemail
p: (918) 287-5629f: (918) 287-5231
Rebecca FishIndian Child Welfare / Adoption Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5338f: (918) 287-5231
Shannon CurtisIndian Child Welfare Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5339f: (918) 287-5231
Karie MashunkasheyIndian Child Welfare Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5635f: (918) 287-5231
Cynthia PradmoreCase Aide / Data Entry Techemail
p: (918) 287-5337f: (918) 287-5231
MAIN Numberemail
p: (918) 287-5335f:
Fax Numberemail
p: f: (918) 287-5231
Jessica HargroveChild Protection Specialistemail
p: (918)287-5639f: (918)287-5231
Amber BrazeeFiscal Program Manageremail
p: (918)287-5337f: (918)287-5231
Angela M. PrattDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5326 or 888-822-1248f: (918) 287-5593
Jamie LongCase Manager/ Supervisoremail
p: (918) 287-5330f: (918) 287-5593
Erica TrumblyIntake Specialist/ Receptionistemail
p: 918-287-5325f: 918-287-5593
Timber WhiteCase Manageremail
p: 918-287-5331f: 918-287-5593
Patricia BigheartFinancial Hardship Assistance Advocateemail
p: 918-287-5327f: 918-287-5593
Timmy LookoutTransporter/Field Workeremail
p: 918-287-5329f: 918-287-5593
Career Development Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5664f: 918-287-5593
Data Management Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5325f: 918-287-5593
Randy KidderCoordinatoremail
p: 918.287.5414f: 918.287.9004
Jeanne MorganOffice Manageremail
p: 918.287.5413f: 918.287.9004
Jim ParkerCounseloremail
p: 918.287.5416f: 918.287.9004
Rob MatthewsCounseloremail
p: 918.287.5418f: 918.287.9004
Jerri VenableCounseloremail
p: 918.287.5466f: 918.287.9004
John BighorseCompliance Officeremail
p: (918) 287-5382 cell (918) 541-8342f: (918) 287-5503
Kimberly SolianoOffice Coordinatoremail
p: (918) 287-5394 cell (918)688-7622f: (918) 287-5503
Mary A. MashunkasheyTax Administratoremail
p: (918) 287-5392 cell (918) 688-6856f: (918) 287-5503
Jocelyn DavisTax Revenue Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5386 cell (918) 381-0696f: (918) 287-5503
Hope WallerVehicle Registration Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5395f: 918-287-5503
Ben Standing BearMotor Vehicle Specialistemail
p: 918-287-5684f: 918-287-5503
Marilyn BoothLicense Agent/Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5393 Cell 918-381-1997f: 918-287-5503
Senior Services Front Deskemail
p: 918.287.5454 or 1.888.883.3610f: 918.287.1165
Sue SlinkardDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5454f: 918-287-1165
Margie McClintockAdministrative Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5454f: 918-287-1165
Rhonda ThomasOffice Manageremail
p: 918-287-5546f: 918-287-1165
Justin CarrConstruction Manageremail
p: 918-381-9277f: 918-287-5565
Jennifer VaraoTransportation Planneremail
p: 918-287-5533f: 918-287-5565
KP GilmoreInventory Technicianemail
p: 918-287-5203f: 918-287-5565
Ed HarrisProject Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5240f: 918-287-5565
Colt DonlesonProject Inspectoremail
p: 918-287-5241f: 918-287-5565
Main Office Numberemail
p: 918/287-5351f: 918/287-5251
Renee HarrisDirectoremail
p: 918-287-5640f: 918-287-5362
Cheryl NelsonOff-Site Coordinator / Spirit Program Specialistemail
p: (918) 287-5366f: (918) 287-5362
Debbie SimpsonAssistant Directoremail
p: (918) 287-5368f: (918) 287-5362
Donna BarnesVendor Assistantemail
p: (918) 287-5361f: (918) 287-5362
Donna PattersonNutrition Educator / Breastfeeding Supervisoremail
p: (918) 287-5365f: (918) 287-5362
Phyllis SimmonsCertification Issuance Officeremail
p: (918) 287-5360f: (918) 287-5362
Robyn RyeCertification Issuance Officeremail
p: (918) 287-5360f: (918) 287-5362
Sarah PattersonVendor Assistantemail
p: (918) 287-5369f: (918) 287-5362
Shannon CassOff-Site Assistant / Certification Issuance Officeremail
p: (918) 287-5364f: (918) 287-5362
Amanda MaloneNutritionistemail
p: 918-287-5373f: 918-287-5362
Jackie McCannCertification Issuance Officer / EBTemail
p: 918-287-5360f: 918-287-5362
Teresa GorrVendor Assistantemail
p: 918-287-5361f: 918-287-5362
Shelby LynnBreastfeeding Peer Counseloremail
p: 918-287-5360f: 918-287-5362
Brandy BakerSenior Certification Issuance Officeremail
p: 918-287-5373f: 918-287-5362
Sierra TallchiefCertification Issuance Officeremail
p: (918) 287-5360f: (918) 287-5362
Ramona EschCertification Issuance Officer/Translatoremail
p: (918) 287-5373f: (918) 287-5362