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1 HA.[O^ What did you do with it?
2 HA^.NA How many?
3 HA^.NA ]E How much?
4 PE.TE Who is it?
5 DA.DA^ What?
6 DA.DA^ O.TA.]E TA^.VE What are you looking for?
7 HO.Wa.KY VY.E Where have you been?
8 HO.Wa.KY VCE Where are you going?
9 HO.Wa.KY VCU.WY^ Where did you buy it?
10 MY.A.KE HA^.NA.]E What time is it?
11 VCY.VDA You finished?
12 HA.KO^ WA.VCY^.LA TA^.VE What's on your mind?/What are you thinking?
13 WA.TA WA.NO^.BA PE Have you all eaten?
14 WA.NO^.BE DA.DA^ A^.TA.]E DJ^ KA.DXa What's for dinner?
15 MY.O^.DA A.WA.NO^.BE DJ^ KA.DXa What time are we going to eat?
16 HA.KO^ PE What's the matter?/How is it?
17 KA.SY.DJ^ DA.DA^ WA.VCY^.LA DJ^ TA^.VE What are we going to do tomorrow?
18 TE.KA.WY^ VKO^.VDA Do you want one of these?
19 NO^.PE.NY.HY^ Are you hungry?
20 PU.ZE TA^.VE Are you thirsty?
21 TE.KO^.]E VCE Are you going now?
22 Y.TA Did you see it?
23 Y.TA TA.PE Did you all see it?
24 HO.Wa.KY VCE.VDA PA.VE Where are you all going?
25 PA.XO A.KA.HA A^.KA.TE ]E Let's go to the top of the mountain.
26 KA.DXA VCE.NA [Y Wait just a little bit.
27 E.WA PY.O^ He did that. 
28 PU.ZE MY^.KVE I'm thirsty.
29 O.NY Y^.KE LY Be quiet.
30 A^.KY.SU.E MA.[Y^ I forgot it.  
31 HO.WA.TE.VKY Whoever
32 Y.WA.Sa I don't believe it.  
33 TA.KY.LA.ZO Get some rest.
34 O.[Y.[Y^ Egg them on.  
35 WA.KO.E A.LY^ DJ^ MY^.KVE I'll be right back.
35a MY.A.KE PE.O^.PA ]Y A.PA.HA^ I got up at 7 o'clock.
36 DA.DA^ WY^ Y.WY.BO^.XE KO^.BA I want to ask you something.
37 DA.DA^ WY^ O.WY.BA.KE KO^.BA I want to tell you something.
38 O.]E.[E.]Y ]Y BE I'm going to the bathroom.
39 Y.TA.TE I saw it. 
40 E.TA.HA Let's go that way.
41 WE.LY A^.NY.A I have a headache.
42 /U.O^ Come here.
43 O.TA.KA Tell it.
44 A^.VKY.KA I'm tired.
45 O.NA.LY Hurry up.
46 TO.]E.VDA Someone who's always late.
47 WA.LY HU.J Too much
48 MA.XE TA.LY Good weather
49 TE.KO^.]E  Right now
50 TE.KA.WY^ This one here.
51 KA.VE.NJ Just that much
52 E./U.MA KO^.BA Y^.KE I don't want it.  
53 O.WA.]E A^.HE I looked for it.
54 WY.BY.HY.]E I'm teasing you.
55 WA.BY.HY.]E I'm teasing him/her.
56 WA.TY.HY.]E He's teasing him/her.
57 WA.TY.HY.]E Pa They're teasing him/her
58 A^.VCY^.HY.]E TA.DXa You're teasing me.
59 E./U.E TY^.KE Don't do that.
60 DA.KA.]E MY^.KVE I am hot.
61 NY.A^.]E I am cold.
62 NYU.[U TA^.]E KXa There is a possibility of rain. 
63 ]Y.[E TY.VU.PE Open the door.
64 ]Y.[E A.TY.DA Close the door.
65 NO^.PE.HY^ A^.HE I'm hungry.
66 WY^.VKY.DA Me too.
67 DA.DA^ VKO^.VDA What do you want?
68 DA.DA^ KO^.TA.PY What do they want?
69 [O.WA.LE VKO^.VDA You want to go with us?
70 DA.DA^ VKY A^.TY.LY Bring me back something.
71 HA.NA VKO^.VDA How many do you want?
72 Y.TA TA.PE Do you see all that?
73 TE.KO^.]E VCE Do you want to go now?
74 TY.E Y.TY.BA NY Have you had enough?
75 DA.DA^ Y.TA TY.E TA^.VE What are you looking at?
76 HA.DXA.DJ^ When?
77 DA.DA^ VDA.]E NA^.PE What do you call this?
78 Y.TE VDA TA^.VE Are you ready?
79 HA.HA NY^.KVE Are you ready?
80 BY.VDA I'm finished!