Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair - WINNERS!
April 06, 2011

Below is the list of winners

from the Oklahoma Native

American Youth Language

Fair that was held on April
4-5, 2011 at the Sam Noble Museum of History, OU

Campus, Norman, OK.
We are VERY proud of all of our students, parents

and teachers!  

A Student Appreciation Dinner was

held on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at the Pawhuska

Community Center, to honor students and part-time

teachers for their generous commitment of time,

support and inspiration to our edeavors. A wonderful

meal was shared by all and student appreciation

awards were presented. 
Community classes will end this week for the spring

semester and will resume again in September.  Please

check out our website for more information or stop

by and visit. 
List of Winners:
PreK-2nd Book
3rd Angel Long, Grayhorse "Osage Animals and Fruits"
PreK-2nd Poster Art
1st Aubrey Cason, Grayhorse,"Osage Language"
2nd Angel Long, Grayhorse, "Six Stars & Rainbow with Osage Girls"
3rd Vanessa Asher, Grayhorse, "Osage Clothing"
3rd-5th Small Group Spoken Language
2nd Osage Grayhorse Girls, "I am my Language"
3-5th Book
Hanah Wood, Grayhorse, "I Love Animals"
9-12 Individual Spoken Language with PowerPoint
1st Christopher Cote, Skiatook High School, "The Coyote & Bear Story"
2nd Robynn Rulo, Pawhuska High School, "Our Osage Language"
9th - 12th Small Group Song
3rd Skiatook High School Osage Language Class, "Blessed Be The Tie That Binds"
9th-12th Film & Video
2nd Joe Pratt, Norris Allred & JoJo HorseChief, Pawhuska High School, "Osage Radio Show"
9th-12th Book
1st Dora Williams, Pawhuska High School, "I am my Language"
Rebekah HorseChief
Osage Nation Language Program
222 West Main
Pawhuska, OK 74056
"Building Community Through Language"