7th Annual 2009 Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair WINNERS!
April 15, 2009

And the WINNERS are:

PreK - 2nd Individual Spoken Language
1st Place - Mia Jones
2nd Place - Lily Jones
3rd Place - Cady Ware
3rd-5th Individual Spoken Langauge Performance
1st Place - Marissa Pratt
3rd-5th Small Group Spoken Language Performance
2nd Place - Osage Nation (Concession Stand)
3rd Place - Osage Nation (Handgame)
3rd-5th Large Group Spoken Language Performance
3rd Place - Osage Nation (Simon Says)
6th-8th Individual Spoken Language
1st Place (tie) - Osage Nation - Dava Daylight (Prayer)
6th-8th Film/Video
1st Place - Tyler Wilson, Thomas Wilson and Gavin Kendrick
9th-12th Individual Spoken Language Performance
1st Place - Cheyela Ward (Lord's Prayer)
3rd Place - Coleman American Horse (Osage Men's Clothing)
Book Category
6th-8th Grade
2nd Place - Dava Daylight
Poster Category
6th-8th Grade
1st Place - Kiara Booth
2nd Place - Avri Benton
9th-12th Grade
1st Place - Erica Moore
3rd Place - Vanessa Moore
Please check out our Photo Section to see winners from the Oklahoma Native American Youth Langauge Fair.