ONHPO Visits Missouri State University and the Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society
March 26, 2012

James Munkres (Archaeologist I) of the Osage Nation Historic Preservation Office (ONHPO) met with numerous faculty members and students at the Department of Anthropology at Missouri State University (MSU) and made an appearance at the monthly meeting of the Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society (MAS) at the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) to present on the missions and objectives of the ONHPO in Springfield, Missouri on March 7th and 8th, 2012.

The ONHPO is very excited about expanding its relationship with the Department of Anthropology at MSU. It has been working with Dr. Liz Sobel and several MSU students for the last year and a half and anticipates expanding its contacts with the department to include additional faculty members, including Dr. David Byers and others. The ONHPO and the Department of Anthropology have initiated discussions that will hopefully lead to an agreement detailing the specifics of their relationship. The ONHPO hopes that it will, in collaboration with the department, establish protocols governing productive collaboration concerning research regarding the pre-history of the region, as well as any other research that the department undertakes, with regard to the Osage Nation, the Osage people, or their ancestral territories.

The ONHPO was also thrilled to have been invited to present to the members of the Missouri Archaeological Society, Ozarks Chapter on the missions, objectives, procedures, and accomplishments of the ONHPO. The invitation demonstrates a great deal of respect for the Osage Nation and the ONHPO on the part of the Society’s members and will hopefully serve to promote the extremely important relationship between the Osage Nation and those who work in historic preservation and the field of Archaeology in the vicinity of Springfield, an area of extreme importance to the history of the people of the Osage Nation. The ONHPO sincerely appreciates being given the opportunity and hopes to continue and develop its relationship with the Society’s members in the future. Photos from the meeting may be viewed by clicking on the following link: Presentation Photos. The presentation, in .pdf form, may be downloaded by clicking on the following link: MAS Presentation.
Special thanks are due to Neal Lopinot, Jack Ray, and Marcie Venter of CAR; Dr. Liz Sobel; and, in particular, Dr. Bill Wedenoja, Director of the Department of Anthropology, for his hospitality in hosting Mr. Munkres. The ONHPO anticipates an exciting and productive relationship with Missouri State University and the Ozarks Chapter of the Missouri Archaeological Society.