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   Summertime means one thing to children, Fun! Their idea of summer is staying up all night doing whatever they want. Rememeber children get bored real easy; their cries are really calls for companionship and attention. When bored, children often become whiny, cranky and demanding. Try putting a weekly calendar together this may help and also helps getting kids prepared for what comes next. My summer tip for you is to inspire them to play with water. Water is very calming and soothing for children, use your imagination. As you enjoy the warm weather of the summer we relize this means more outdoor activities (swimming, camping, bike riding, 4th of July celebration, etc.) Remember to be extra cautious to keep your child safe and healthy. The Libray is a great place to go, they will be having their summer activities soon be sure and check the local newspaper for day and times. Our community will be having their Annual Fireworks display on June 29th. There will be exciting games and events for the whole family to enjoy; it will all take place inside the High School Football stadium. Events start at 3pm and fireworks display will start at 9:30pm So come join the fun, and be safe.
Want to cool off for the summer try Watermelon popsicles; 1c. of watermelon chunks, 1c. unsweetened orange juice, 1c. of water; Blend all ingredients together in a blender. Pour in small cups. Place in freezer, when partially frozen, insert Popsicle stick or spoon for handle. When completely frozen, unmold by running hot water over bottom of cups. This is also activity that you and your child can do together.
We are having a hard time getting enough applications to keep up our enrollment. Please help us by letting people know about our program and the benefits their children will receive by coming to Osage Nation Head Start. We have applications online, or you may stop by the Head Start and pick one up. You can fill it out at the Head Start, we would be glad to help you.
Please bring the following items:
Proof of Income
Immunization record
Birth Certificate
Social Security card
CDIB (if claiming Indian)
We also offer services for children with Special needs
Sons are heritage from the Lord, children are rewards from him Psalms 127:3
Fairfax staff
Sheaila Dilbeck - Family Services Coordinator/Site Manager
Debbie Looney - Family Services Assistant/Education Assistant
Buffie Moore - Cook
Geraldine Brien - Teacher - Fairfax I
Brenda McAnally - Teacher - Fairfax II
Susan Vandaveer - Teacher - Fairfax III
Gina Kennedy - Teacher Aide - Fairfax I
Lacy Jones - Teacher Aide - Fairfax II
Heidi Daley - Teacher Aide - Fairfax III