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 Upcoming Events:
May 3 Dismiss at 11:00am
May 9 Last Day of School
May 11 Graduation, Old Gym, 11am
The themes for May are Bugs and Such and Summer Fun. Take a walk with your child. Before starting, agree on something you will count while walking.
Watch a special TV program with your child. Talk about the program together and tell each other what you liked most about the program.
Ask your child to choose a favorite nursery rhyme. Take turns saying the lines while using your hands to show what is happening in the rhyme.
Have your child draw a picture of what he or she enjoys doing most during the month of May. Write your child's description of his or her choice under the picture.

The staff at Shidler are:


FSC\Site Coordinator -   Vicki Looney

FSEA -                           SusieLyons

Teacher  -                       Linda Jackson

Teacher Aide -                Kristi Dean