Vice-Chair Laskey to Attend Gaming Industry Convention
March 01, 2012

Stacy Laskey, Vice-Chairman for the Gaming Enterprise Board will attend the Indian gaming industries premier event of the year, the Indian Gaming Convention, April 1- 4, 2012 in San Diego, CA. 

While attending this event Vice-Chair Laskey will attend
several key informational seminars such as:

  • Economic Development Beyond Gaming, Tribes Diversifying Their Gaming Revenues
  • Cost of Doing Business; Where can and where should your casino be more profitable
  • Financing Tribal Gaming Facilities in Today's Market
  • Internet Gaming on Indian Lands

Attending industry events such as the Gaming Convention is an investment which pays immeasurable dividends.  Mrs. Laskey’s experience at the event will lead to gained industry knowledge, the opportunity to network with other gaming industry professionals from around the country and to learn the latest business methods, products, market trends and programs in the gaming