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 The Osage Nation Gaming Commission is the Tribe’s regulatory and oversight authority for all Osage gaming operations.  The ONGC is an independent arm of the Tribal government established for the exclusive purpose of regulating and monitoring gaming on behalf of the Tribe. The function of the ONGC is regulatory, not managerial in nature.  Indian gaming is subject to a number of regulatory bodies of law.  The ONGC is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that Osage gaming operations comply with all federal regulatory requirements of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), the compact provisions between the State of Oklahoma and the Osage Nation, as well as the Osage Nation Gaming Ordinance.  To achieve this, the ONGC is commissioned with the authority to conduct audits and investigations within gaming operations, approve or deny operational procedures and internal controls standards, and, if necessary, take enforcement actions on behalf of the Tribe. The Commission also serves as the licensing authority for individuals employed in Osage gaming operations, as well as vendors conducting business with the casinos. Administering effective background investigations is a critical part of ONGC’s licensing process and necessary to protect Tribal assets. The overall goal of the ONGC is, of course, to ensure integrity in Tribal gaming on behalf of the Osage Nation.