Principal Chief hosts Meeting to Discuss Strategic Planning Goals
September 11, 2012

On Aug. 30, members of the Strategic Planning Committee held a meeting to discuss the goals described in the Osage Nation’s 25-year Master Plan and the five primary goals of Principal Chief John D. Red Eagle’s administration.

Members of Congress, Directors and Chief’s staff attended the meeting, which included lunch.

Assistant Chief Scott Bighorse began the morning with opening remarks followed by a prayer.

Chief Red Eagle was the first presenter. He began by stating the five key goals of his administration, which are: 1) refocusing on and restoration of Osage culture and unity as a nation, 2) the development and improvement of our internal government operations and employment conditions, 3) re-examination and strengthening of our economic development efforts, 4) the improvement of educational opportunities for the Osage people, and 5) improvements in the nation’s health care services and health status of the Osage people.

Chief Red Eagle’s purpose in forming the Strategic Planning Committee was to focus on long-range planning utilizing his administration’s goals and the goals of the 25-year Master Plan. “From that plan, I wanted to inter-mingle the five goals,” he said. “You’ve got to begin to have some planning because everything has to work together,” he said. “You cannot build a home without a foundation,” he added.

Chief Red Eagle said that the 25-year Master Plan was a priority, “because that was part of the vision.” The five core values of the Master Plan are: spiritual strength, pride of heritage, justice, fairness, compassion, and respect for and protection of child, elder, all fellow beings and self.

Chief Red Eagle pointed to the recent implementation of the Merit System as a significant step toward the goal of improving the employment conditions of Osage Nation employees.

The Aug. 30 meeting also advanced the goal of unity within the nation by highlighting the need for Congress and the Executive branch to come together to advance the 25-year Master Plan, Chief Red Eagle said.

Unity with the surrounding community and state government was also a goal of Chief Red Eagle’s administration. “We had a Unity Day during the first year of my administration to re-establish the relationships with other city governments in Osage County. The county commissioners, Osage County Sheriff’s Department, State Senator Eddie Fields, city mayors, ranchers and chamber of commerce representatives from several cities attended,” Chief Red Eagle said.

Chief Red Eagle further demonstrated his desire to cooperate with the surrounding governments through his support of the Osage County Industrial Authority Board’s efforts to establish the Pawhuska Business Development Center.

The Pawhuska Business Development Center, which opened in August, provides educational opportunities and promotes economic development. The Center operates as a business incubator, offering business space at discounts, customized business training and technical trade instruction and through Tri County Technology Center.

The Osage Nation’s significant contribution of $500,000 in funding toward the two million dollar project advances several of Chief Red Eagle’s administration goals: economic development, promotion of education and increased unity with the surrounding community.

Describing another step toward economic development, Chief Red Eagle spoke of efforts to increase the land base of the Osage Nation. “We’re going to begin to buy houses, and develop these houses,” he said. “That’s just one area of economic development … things that will make the nation money.”

Following the meeting, Chief Red Eagle elaborated on these plans, “We’ve already started to buy land which will belong to the Osage Nation. We’re planning to begin purchasing older houses to restore and sell or use them to provide housing to the Osage people. There are a lot of Osage Nation employees who commute who might want to buy or rent these houses,” he explained.

Regarding the goal of improving the health and wellness of constituents, Chief Red Eagle said, “The Chief’s office is currently analyzing the existing health programs to improve and effectively provide health services to the Osage people.”

Among the members of the committee who gave presentations regarding various facets of the strategic planning were: Human Resources Director Delary Walters, Grants Management Director Jennifer Tiger, Senior Advisor to the Chief Debra Atterberry, Division Leader Joe Tillman, Legislative Analyst Ashlee Morton, Information Technologies Director Mark Kirk and Treasurer Callie Catcher.

A written version of the Committee’s presentation may be viewed by clicking the link below.

Strategic Planning Goals Presentation