Chief Red Eagle was born in the heart of the Osage Indian Reservation in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and raised in the traditions of the Osages.  The Osage Tribe settled in three separate districts in Oklahoma: Pawhuska, Gray Horse, and Hominy. 

     The Red Eagle family is from the Pawhuska district.  His parents were the late Assistant Principal Chief Edward Red Eagle, Sr. and Virginia Logan Red Eagle. He has two brothers, Eddie and Myron, and one sister, Carole Bayhylle. 

     Since the 1880s and through his great grandfather's leadership, Chief Red Eagle and his family have followed the traditions and culture of the Osage Tribe and the Native American Church.

     Chief Red Eagle's paternal grandparents were original allottees Paul and Cecilia Red Eagle from Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and his maternal grandparents were Roman and Mary Logan from Hominy, Oklahoma.  His  lineage is the Tzi-zho Clan, which is referred to as the Sky People, but in the Osage culture Tzi-zho means Eagle Clan.  His mother's Osage people come from the Wa-tian-ka Band. The Osage Tribe has taught him many things in life, such as his heritage, culture, and the Osage Way of life.

     Chief Red Eagle attended public schools in Barnsdall and Pawhuska, graduating from Pawhuska High School.  After receiving his certification in radiology technology at the Community College of Denver, Colorado, he attended the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center where he received training in nuclear medicine technology. He also received his clinical training in nuclear medicine technology at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

     After completing these trainings, he qualified for and passed the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.

     Since then he worked as a nuclear medicine technologist for thirteen years at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He also worked at Cardiology of Tulsa in Tulsa Oklahoma for seven years as a nuclear cardiology technologist.

     Chief Red Eagle is an ordained minister, serving the spiritual needs of people at the Indian Camp Chapel in Pawhuska. He received his ordination from the Victory Christian Center in Tulsa.

    In July 2006, John Red Eagle was inaugurated as the Assistant Principal Chief of the Osage Nation.

    After a long and hard campaign, and winning a runoff election, a very humbled and appreciative John D. Red Eagle was inaugurated to the office of  Principal Chief of the Osage Nation on August 4, 2010.