Osage students compete in challenge bowl
April 15, 2013


Osage students compete in challenge bowl

By John Shaw and Avis Ballard

Osage students from Woodland High school traveled to Shawnee, Oklahoma on March 27, 2013 to participate in the Oklahoma American Indian Challenge Bowl (OAICB). This event is sponsored by the Oklahoma Council for Indian Education. According to their press release, “The Oklahoma American Indian Challenge Bowl is an academic competition for Oklahoma Indian students enrolled in grades 7-12.” They want to inspire these students to learn about their tribal history, culture and languages.

The Woodland Johnson O’Malley (JOM) parent committee entered two teams in the OAICB event and purchased team shirts for the students. They competed against other Native American students from across the state and did a great job of representing Woodland Schools. The Osage students that participated were Amy Bledsoe, Kirk Shaw, Katie Barnhart, Lane Brumley, Cole Brumley, Harleigh Moore, J.K Hadlock, Shelbi Gordon, Cyler Barrone and Mark Grigg. Their team shirts displayed the Woodland Cougar mascot on the front and Osage Language phrases on the back that meant, “No worries” and “Do your best, try hard.”

This is the second year Woodland JOM students participated in this event. The first team won four competition rounds and the second team won two rounds. The sponsors for the teams included Woodland school staff Teresa Bledsoe and Tara McKinney. Lita Kelly, an Osage Nation field facilitator, joined the group as well.