Open Today: Summer 2013 White House Internship Program Application
January 27, 2013


Applications for the Summer 2013 White House Internship Program can be submitted now through January 27, 2013. A complete application includes a resume, two essays, and two recommendations – apply today.
Application deadline for the Summer 2013 program is January 27, 2013.  
Medical school student, volunteer firefighter, active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, fashion designer, spouse, sailor who’s completed a 3,000 nautical mile voyage, neuroscientist, Ph.D. student, professional DJ, high school math teacher, Division I athlete, parent, freelance videographer, ballerina, college freshman...
The list above isn’t just a random collection of words and phrases. It’s actually a list of the interests, backgrounds and skills of a handful of former White House Interns – and it’s nowhere near exhaustive.....  
All application materials, including recommendations, must be submitted on or before the application deadline.
Please read all of the following instructions and see Internship Timeline and FAQs before starting your application.