Extended Deadline: 2013 Close Up & NIEA Program In Washington, D.C.
December 21, 2012


The Osage Nation Department of Education is extending the deadline for applications for the Close Up- NIEA program to Friday December 21st, 2012.  

Requirements for Eligibility

1) Provide copy of Osage Membership Card

2) Must be a currently enrolled junior or senior high school student in academic good standing and provide copy of transcript

3) Students must be able to fly into (DCA) Reagan Nat’l Airport (Main Terminal) – Washington, D.C.

4) Provide a letter of recommendation from a principal or counselor

5) Submit a 300-500 word, non-first person, critical essay answering one of the following questions:

  • Describe sovereignty and how it relates to tribal governments.
  • Discuss any federal legislation or court case that directly impacted the Osage Nation government.
  • Describe Indian Policy in the United States.
  • What types of impacts has the media had on Native American identity?
  • Identify an American Indian inventor and describe how their invention had an influence on American society.


For more information, see attached application.