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Over the past years we have promoted and talked about the history of our last 100 years.  The discovery of oil, the lifestyle of our Osage people, the evolution of our traditions and we always begin with….”when we moved from Kansas”.  This cultural walk will take us one step back and experience why we moved from Kansas to this open territory.  It will tell who, what, where and why we were the people we were at that time and how we have transcended to the current day. 

This first two day event will begin with a tour of historic sites and onto an overnight stay on the prairie at the beautiful Cross Bell Ranch, camping, singing, storytelling as depicted in our history.  You can experience sleeping under the stars; hear the details of our historic movement from the Kansas territory.  The next morning will be pulling up camp and leading out as we would had done in the 1800’s as we moved from camp to camp.  This first experience will be a short commemorative 3 mile walk out to the Mullendore ranch.  This Osage ranch family has given permission for us to use their property for this event and has asked to host us at the end of our walk in a Ranch style BBQ at their home.   

 This will be a great experience for your entire family, so save these dates!

Dates: October 6 & 7, 2012
Location:  Northern Osage Reservation
Registration:  August 13 thru September 14
For reservations contact:  Wah Zha Zhi Cultural Center at 918-287-5538