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If there is a document, recording, etc. that you are unable to find on our website, please contact the Clerk's Office for assistance by phone at 918-287-5689 or by e-mail at and a copy of the document, recording, etc. can be provided to you.
During the interim between Hun-kah and Tzi-zho Sessions, and during the Sessions, committees are meeting and working on legislation and addressing issues within the Osage Nation. The meetings are open to the public and constituents are encouraged to attend. Listings of the different committees are linked below. Please feel free to contact the Chairs and committee members in regard to your ideas, concerns, etc.  
Click here to download an Osage Nation Code order form.
Click here to download a printable re-enrollment form for 2011.
Click here to print an Open Records Request for request of information and submit to the Clerk of the Congress, Barbara Rice.

 OFPR Report to Osage Nation Congress 4-3-12
FY2011 Final Audit Report, Management Letter and Single Audit Report from Eide Bailly for the Osage Nation
Please Contact Barbara Rice, Clerk for any committee information.