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May 03
EVENT: Osage Tribal Museum Marks 75th Anniversary with 2-day celebration
DATE(s): Friday May 03, 2013
May 04
EVENT: Calling All Artists!
DATE(s): Saturday May 04, 2013
May 08
EVENT: Public Notice of the ONGE Board Meeting, May 8, 2013
DATE(s): Wednesday May 08, 2013
TIME(s): 10:30 AM
DEPARTMENT: gamingenterprise

Gaming Enterprise Board Meeting


 DATE/TIME:       Wednesday, May 8, 2013 10:30AM

 LOCATION:       Osage Casino Central Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma


1.                  Call to Order

2.                  Opening Prayer

3.                  Roll Call

4.                  Board to review consider and take action regarding the minutes of the last meeting

5.                  Opening comments from the Chair

6.                  Board to hear, review and consider reports:

                                i.            Osage Nation Gaming Enterprise Board Members

                              ii.            Osage Casinos Chief Executive Officer, Neil Cornelius

                            iii.            Osage Casinos Chief Financial Officer, Richard Lobdell

                             iv.            Osage Casinos Chief Operation Officer, Joe Olujic

                               v.            Osage Casinos Executive Director, Kimberly Pearson

                             vi.            Osage Casinos Director of Compliance, Charlie Berger

                                                              i.      OP42-001 Found Items (revised policy)

                                                            ii.      Chapter D Drop and Count (revised policy)

                                                          iii.      Chapter E Electronic Gaming Machines (new policy)

                           vii.            Osage Nation Gaming Commission

                         viii.            Osage Nation Congressional Committee

                             ix.            Osage Nation Principal Chief’s Office

7.                  Board to take action on any of the above reports

8.                  Board to review, consider and take action regarding Pending Business

9.                  Board to hear, review, consider and take action regarding any New Business

10.              Executive Session to discuss confidential and/or proprietary matters

                                i.            Tort Claims

11.              Board to take action on any items discussed in Executive Session

12.              Adjourn

May 10
EVENT: Council Meeting Canceled
DATE(s): Friday May 10, 2013
TIME(s): 10am
DEPARTMENT: minerals
Due to a Water Conference May 9th and 10th 2013,

the meeting for Friday May 10th 2013 10:00AM has

been  Canceled, the meeting for Wednesday May
15th 2013 at 10:00AM will go on as scheduled.
IF you have any question contact the Minerals Department at (918)-287-5346  
May 11
EVENT: Amazing Races on the Osage Nation Reservation
DATE(s): Saturday May 11, 2013
DEPARTMENT: communities

/communities/uploads/5KAmazingRacesFlyer-rev2.pdfTribe’s healthy living programs collaborate for a monster size health event

By Geneva HorseChief-Hamilton, CX Coordinator

Pawhuska, Okla. March 15, 2013: In response to record numbers indicating poor health and poor health practices in Oklahoma and specifically Osage County, the Osage Nation is sponsoring an annual event to rival all previous health initiatives on the Osage Reservation.
This event is to take place on May 11, 2013. 
 The nation is taking on obesity, smoking, and nutrition in one fun sweep of events including, a chip monitored 5K race, an amazing race across the reservation’s capital, family fun activities and a down-sized amazing race for youth.

All activities will take place in Pawhuska with the “5K Run For The Health Of It” starting at the Cultural Park, the “Family Fun Day and Littlest Amazing Race” also at the Cultural Park, and a more complex or adult amazing race mapped out across town. Registration for the 5K is scheduled to begin April 1.

“It’s an overall health initiative the tribe is putting on and we want to set the example on being proactive,” said Gail Boe, Osage Nation Communities of Excellence program director. “The nation is aware of the obesity rate. We are in the top ten states in the nation for least healthy communities. We eat fewer fresh fruits and vegetables than any other state.”

Oklahoma ranks among the top ten states for the worst health and we rank highest in obesity and smoking, 2011 State of the State’s Health Report. Oklahoma ranked 43rd in the nation in 2012 for overall health statistics, an improvement from the 2011 rating of 46th , United Health Foundation 2012 Oklahoma Health Statistics www.americshealthrankings.org . Other alarming 2012 numbers from the foundation include:

·         47th in the U.S. for smoking

·         45th in the U.S. for obesity

·         45th in the U.S. for sedentary lifestyle

·         43rd in the U.S. for rate of diabetes

·         48th in the U.S. for cardiovascular deaths


·         42nd in the U.S. for cancer deaths

·         46th in the U.S. for premature deaths

·         40th in the U.S. for youth smoking

·         42nd in the U.S. for youth obesity


Smoking commercial tobacco is a direct cause for several of these health disparities.  The Communities of Excellence Program works hard to reduce and eliminate the number of smokers and secondhand smoke on the Osage Reservation. The program has a tough job considering the constant flow of deceptive promotional practices by commercial tobacco industry.

Fifty percent of youth surveyed in Oklahoma in 2011 reported having tried smoking cigarettes and 23% reported smoking within the last 30 days.  In a report from the Oklahoma County Health Department, deceptive practices by tobacco industry were exposed with documented proof of young people being the target of intensive marketing efforts to ensure a new crop of smokers.

Fighting tobacco use and sedentary lifestyles is the purpose of the May 11, “5K Run For The Health Of It”. Osage Nation Health Division programs are combining man power and resources to educate and encourage people to begin living healthier lives.

The 5K was an annual event from 2008 to 2010 and dropped out in 2011 and 2012. In the past, it had successful results with good attendance and support from the community. This year will be the biggest event and a huge revitalization to the purpose of the healthy living event.

The 5K will be divided by age groups and gender. A one mile family fun run/walk will also take place to encourage families and children to start enjoying healthy activities together. The day’s events are free and open to the public and all are encouraged to attend.

Call Communities of Excellence, (918)287-5267, for 5K registration information and vendor booth space. Booth space is limited and food vendors are required to provide only healthy food choices. The last day to register for booth space is April 19 at 3 pm.

Call the Clinical/Medical Program, (918)287-5528, for more information about the, “Osage Nation Amazing Race For The Health Of It.”

For more information about secondhand smoke and quitting smoking, contact the Osage Nation Communities of Excellence at (918)287-5267, or the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline 1-800-QUIT-NOW, or visit www.osagetribe.com/excellence, www.keepitsacred.org, www.ok.gov/stopswithme, www.breatheasyok.com.

May 13
EVENT: Osage Nation Energy Services, LLC Board Meeting
DATE(s): Monday May 13, 2013

Board Meeting

Business Development Center

1225 Virginia St

Pawhuska, OK

Monday, May 13, 2013




1. Call to Order

2. Roll Call

3. Establish Quorum

4. Prayer

5. Approve Minutes from Previous Meeting

6. Discuss Next Steps for BIA Indian Energy and Economic Development Program Review

7. Discuss New Office Space

8. Review Projects

9. New Business

10. Executive Session: Discussion of Contracts

11. Adjourn

May 14
EVENT: ONGC Gaming Commission Meeting
DATE(s): Tuesday May 14, 2013
TIME(s): 6:30 P.M.
Location is at the ONGC Gaming Commission Building 612 Leahy Avenue Pawhuska, Ok 74056
May 15
EVENT: 2-OMC Agenda
DATE(s): Wednesday May 15, 2013
TIME(s): 10:00am
DEPARTMENT: minerals



May 15, 2013

10:00 A.M.



          Subject to Change



1.     Call to orderWelcome by Chairman, Galen Crum

2.     Opening prayer 

            Opening Prayer & Reading of Deceased Osages:  Councilwoman Cynthia Boone

3.         Roll call

4.   Tribal Accountant Reports -

A.    Leslie Young -  C-395

B.     Julia Hutson – S-510

5.   Auditor Report – Jim Swan

6.     Minerals Matters – Charles Hurlburt, Supervisory Petroleum Engineer

7.     Administrative Matters – Rhonda Loftin, Osage Agency Acting Superintendent

8.     Executive Session -

        A. BGI Resources- Tara Righetti

        B. Personnel Issue




9.         Committee Reports:

   1.      Improvement Committee - Crum

   2.      Budget Committee - Abbott

   3.      Media Committee - RedEagle

   4.      Liaison Committee - Crum

   5.      Scholarship Committee – Core

   6.      Well Plugging Committee - Yates

   7.      Policy/Procedure – Boone

   8.      1906 Act - Bear


 10.   Old Business -

             A. Approval of minutes


11.    New business

            A. Election 2014 – Core



12.   Adjournment


Christopher Alan Penn

October 10, 2011

Goodyear, AZ

Lewis Lyle Hayes

April 4, 2013

Bartlesville, OK

Virginia Louise Presley

April 6 2013

Fredericksburg, TX

Elizabeth M. Paschen

aka Maria Tallchief

April 11 2013

Chicago, IL


May 18
EVENT: Update-1: United Osages of Southern California Meeting
DATE(s): Saturday May 18, 2013
DEPARTMENT: communications

May 18 Update:


Please RSVP as the departments from Oklahoma will need a count to conduct the activities.


1.         How many will be in your party?  _________


2.         Do you want a photo ID?      yes or no  (see conditions in note at bottom of page)


3.         Do you want to participate in the cultural activities?     yes or no


The photo ID as issued by the tax commission will be set up to take photos while the other activities are in progress. Your photos will be taken and your completed photo ID will be mailed to you from Oklahoma. (see notes below)


The cultural department will be presenting ribbon work and bead work. They will have a project that you will finish to take home. They will also dress a young boy and girl and explain the significance of the articles as they dress the child. Does anyone have a drum they can bring? The cultural department may be able to conduct some hand games.


Osage language segment will be conducted.


We need 20 signatures of Osages who live within 100 miles of Oceanside. In talking with authorities in Oklahoma, The enrollment number will be helpful in verifying the signature. A special sign in sheet will be circulated for these signatures.


 Raffle drawings will be conducted throughout the day.


Looking forward to seeing you.


Please call 760 500 2266 or email william.r.myers@us.army.mil


Bill Myers


Chair, UOSC


The following was cut and pasted from the Tax Commission website.


The Osage Nation Tax Commission is now issuing Photo Identification Cards. These cards can be issued to all Tribal members, you need to come to the office in person and bring the appropriate credentials: Copy of Birth Certificate, Osage CDIB or Membership card, Social Security Card and Photo ID, if you are getting a ID for your child, we will use the parents Photo ID. The cost is $ 15.00 for everyone, they expire in 5 years and the renewal fee is $7.50.


The United Osage of Southern California would like to announce their meeting for May 18, 2013, 1PM-5PM. at Carlsbad by the Sea Resort, 850 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA.  This will be a cultural meeting and the activities will be cultural handicrafts. Members of the Osage cultural department will be present to conduct the activities.

The Osage Nation Tax Commission has also been invited to attend and concurrent with cultural activities, will issue photo ID's to area Osages. Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, and Certified Degree of Indian Blood card or Osage Nation Membership card are required to receive Osage Nation Photo Identification cards.


Regular qualifications apply; birth certificate, enrollment number, etc.

The meeting will be held in the upstairs Grand Ballroom at the Carlsbad By The Sea Resort.


noon-1pm set up sign in

1:00 official start

1:10-5:00 pm cultural activities, concurrent ID issue

5:00 adjourn

Lunch will not be served, however,  snack foods, coffee, water, and cookies will be supplied.

 The raffle continues to be the primary fundraiser. After consulting a number of members the following changes apply:

1.      Each person who brings a raffle gift will receive 10 raffle tickets for that gift.

2.      Raffle gifts will have a corresponding cup into which you will place your tickets to draw for that gift.

All attendees (except the departments from OK) will pay a $10.00 entry fee.

RSVP  william.r.myers@us.army.mil or (760)-500-2266.
May 22
EVENT: Public Notice of the ONGE Board Meeting, May 22, 2013
DATE(s): Wednesday May 22, 2013
TIME(s): 9:00AM
DEPARTMENT: gamingenterprise

Gaming Enterprise Board Meeting

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 09:000AM

LOCATION: Osage Casino Central Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma

May 24
EVENT: Osage Book Club May 24, 2013
DATE(s): Friday May 24, 2013
DEPARTMENT: historicpreservation
The Osage Book Club will have its next meeting Friday May, 24, 2013, from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM. Click here for the flier.
We will meet at the Osage Tribal Museum to start discussion on Migrations of Siouan Tribes and The Social Organization of the Siouan Tribes by James Owen Dorsey. Click here for a list containing links to the articles. To open the links hit Ctrl + click.
Thanks to the free Internet Archive maintained by the Biodiversity Heritage Library and JSTOR, a digital archive, these articles have been made available for our use.
If you have any difficulties downloading and printing these articles, please contact Welana Fields at 918-287-5307 or wfields@osagetribe.org.
We look forward to the wonderful discussions to be had and please bring your lunch if you would like.
May 27
EVENT: Office Closed
DATE(s): Monday May 27, 2013
DEPARTMENT: judicial
Osage Nation offices will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2013, in observance of Memorial Day. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, May 28, 2013. 

For emergency assistance only, please call 918-277-3642.
May 28
EVENT: Flanagan South Pipeline Project Open House for Restricted Landowners
DATE(s): Tuesday May 28, 2013
Enbridge is hosting an open house for owners with restricted interests in land in which Engridge seeks to obtain right-of-way.  The open house will be informal and owners may attend at any point during the hours of 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.  Enbridge representatives will be on hand to discuss construction plans and answer your questions.
Date:        Thurday, May 23rd
Time:        5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location:  The Business Center
                1225 Virginia Street
                 Pawhuska, OK  74056
May 30
EVENT: Trial Court In Session
DATE(s): Thursday May 30, 2013
TIME(s): 10:00 a.m.
DEPARTMENT: judicial
Civil and criminal docket


Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
Native American Rights Fund
House Resources Committee
National Congress of American Indians
Intertribal Monitoring Association

P.O. Box 779 or 627 Grandview
Pawhuska, OK  74056